Depending on the condition of your deck it might be that we have to repair only the sub-floor, which might have been penetrated by termites or wood rot, a structural repair due to breakage or other aspects of the structural integrity of your decking area.

Sub-floor repairs can cover concrete, steel and wood works depending on the requirements of the project.

If the decking itself is not affected we normally can carefully remove the planks and repair any cracks, splitting or other damage. If the decking planks are rotten or termites have already penetrated the timber we normally recommend a full replacement, but also depending on client’s decision and budget.

Either re-installing existing timber decking or replacing with new timber deckling we normally sand down the whole area with our BONA machines for smooth and even surface, except when rustic timber surfaces are chosen and client wants to maintain the look and feel of those. In the cases of renovation of rustic floors we endure higher costs as we have to use more carpentry skills on preparing the sub-floor and lay the timber planks out prior to installation to see the uneven areas.