When looking at wooden floors we always have to ensure that they are suitable for the surrounding environment. No matter what timber species we choose they can all be effected by humidity and moisture, termite and wood bugs and the wear and traffic they are exposed to.

A wooden floor should be a lifetime investment, which also means the wood has to be treated, prepared and processed professionally and it has to be installed properly with the most suitable method given the project conditions.

After installation the most appropriate finishing needs to be applied depending on environmental exposure, wear and traffic.

Ongoing proper maintenance, from general cleaning to periodical deep cleaning and freshen-up or re-polishing are key for long lasting performance and durability of your wooden floors.

Therefore we only work with selected flooring manufacture ring partners who understand our requirements, can ensure the correct moisture content and precise grooving of the flooring boards as well as pre-treatment for wood parasites and termites.

In any project the flooring boards should be on site at least three weeks prior to installation, so the wood can acclimatize with the site conditions, which will avoid problems later on.

We prefer unfinished flooring, as every project has different requirements and it much easier to adjust and ensure quality results when finishing on site.

For the installation itself we require a smooth, leveled and waterproofed concrete floor, so we can glue the flooring directly onto the concrete using our BONA R848 saline adhesive. In many cases we require foam sheets or our BONA 580 moisture barriers due to the inappropriate preparation by the concrete contractor, but this varies from project to project, as our main aim is to ensure a long lasting quality job.

We also use joists either due to the required floor height needs to be increased or in cases where we feel that there is a high risk of moisture from concrete or the concrete is not level or smooth enough.

When using joists we use galvanized screws to fit them to the concrete and we than use our PrimatechNailer and Fasteners to fit the flooring boards to the joists. For durability we recommend reclaimed Ulin joists, Heveatech joists or outdoor grade SWB joists.

For the finishing we use our BONA Belt, Flexisand and Edge Sander for a smooth and even floor surface before applying the finish of choice. Depending on the performance requirements and also the look and feel our clients can choose from a wide range of stains and colors, tones and either an oil or water based coating finish.