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Our close cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers on quality assurance and price competitiveness allows us to bring sustainable solutions and remain

Decking Maintenance

The timber pool deck is often one of the main attractive areas of a hotel, resort or villa, as people just love

Decking Renovation

Depending on the condition of your deck it might be that we have to repair only the sub-floor, which might have been

Decking Installation

For new decking installations we are often asked to make a design as well if the client has not engaged and architect

Woodworking & Carpentry

Our carpenters are all coming from traditional villages in Java famous for their carpentry heritage during the Majapahit era. We basically can

Flooring Maintenance

Some of our clients choose an oil based finish, which really enhances the grain of the timber, especially using reclaimed or a

Flooring Renovation

Here it really depends on the damage of the floors to see if they can be repaired or have to be replaced.

Flooring Installation

When looking at wooden floors we always have to ensure that they are suitable for the surrounding environment. No matter what timber

VTO Eco Air-Turbo Rain Shower Systems

We are proud to present the Eco-Air-Turbo Rain Shower System to our business clients and everyone who is planning to build or

Bio Polish

Bio Polish is made from beeswax and vegetable oils. It can be used directly on wood. Download Pdf