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Timber Seal

We use Timber Seal mainly for outdoor wooden structures, it provides for strong protection and reduces wood rod due to its excellent


Flexible stone veneers can be used in a number of unique and distinct applications. Architectural uses include building facades, interior walls, flooring,


WallArt brings your walls to life with modern and eco-friendly 3d wall panels made out of the fibrous residue of sugarcane. The

Tung Oil

Tung oil is an extract from the seeds of the tung tree which when applied to paints and coatings polymerizes into a waterproof coating.

BONA Coatings

A wide range of coatings are available for residential, commercial and heavy traffic use, as well as for use on sport floors

BONA SIA Abrasives (indoor & outdoor)

We only use BONA abrasives, as they last up to three times longer than conventional sand paper and thebelts can be rotated,

Bamboo – Lanotec Timber Seal Plus

Timber Seal Plus is a natural, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, low VOC finishing and penetrating sealer for bamboo. It enhances the grain and


Highly sustainable flooring that increases the value of your home. Manufactured from bamboo, this is a sustainable alternative to wood. Bamboo is

Bamboo Laminated – BioChem Bio Politure

BioPolitur is a mixture of water-based acrylic top coat and outdoor wood stain used for finishing outdoor surfaces such as wood, rattan,

BONA Adhesives

BONA Adhesives (indoor) When we glue flooring to concrete floors we us R848 15 kg buckets or 2.8 kg sausages. The BONA