Introducing ecoSmart Hub

We believe that in this decade there is a new era being ushered in where sustainability issues are becoming fully integrated into all elements of modern life, where business and market forces can become truly aligned with sustainable outcomes.

ecoSmart is active in shaping consumer and customer awareness, attitudes and needs. We are a sustainable business that is ethically driven, and commercially focused.

1) ecoSmart offers the widest range of Sustainable; Natural Economical and Ecological Building Solution Services and Products and provides for a One-Stop-Solution experience for our clients through an integrated and consolidated approach.

2) ecoSmart is the leading provider for Solutions to environmental challenges related to conservation, sustainable production, sustainable treatment and disposal of Energy – Water – Waste with a strong focus on the 3Rs (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle).

3) ecoSmart is working as an associated Green Team in partnership with the leading businesses in our industry, who have extensive experiences working in Indonesia and the region and understand local conditions and challenges.

4) ecoSmart’s Green Team assists new developments and existing operations to reduce their ecological footprint and to improve their bottom line by reducing operational costs and maintenance time.

ecoSmart Education & Training

ecoSmart as a part of our Education & Training Initiatives in the wider community attended in Surabaya and Jakarta the Green City Program 2015. We regularly participate in awareness building and sustainable gatherings around Indonesia.

“Assisting our clients in saving operational costs by conserving energy and water, reducing waste and offering long life low maintenance solutions”

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