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ecoSmart hub works to ensure that ecologically friendly practices and life style will be an ever increasing reality for Indonesia and to contribute sustainably to a triple bottom line.

Indonesia’s building and construction industry has a projected growth rate of over 6.8% annually and looking at the Green Building market in Asia Pacific with a projected annual growth rate of 30% in an estimated market size of USD 670 billion.

In the Energy Efficiency (EE) Market based on the market sizing, Indonesia has the largest Industrial Investment Potential of USD 808 million followed by Malaysia (US$529million) and Singapore (US$521million). This can be attributed to the large industrial GDP output of the 3 countries. In addition, the presence of large, energy
intensive industries in these countries also boosts the energy efficiency investment potential.

ecoSmart via its subsidiary Bali International Consulting Group and Green Team member Synergy Carbon was awarded a tender by the Ministry under DANIDA funding to carry out energy audits at Malioboro Mall, Adi Husada Hospital and Semen Padang.

Within a very short time after launching our Green Team approach in April 2012 we have had a lot of positive feedback from property developers and real estate agents as well as architects with the Merah Putih Restaurant and Royal Kamuela Resort Lombok being two of our landmark projects.


 Architecture Design
 MEP Design
 Lighting Design
 Interior Design
 Energy Audit
 Passive Energy Design
 Renewable Energy Research & Consulting
 Sustainable Development Research & Consulting
 Waste Mgt. & Composting
 Bioengineering & Land Mgt.
 Lifestyle Product Design
 Environmental Impact Assessment
 Ecological Mapping
 Permaculture Design
 Feasibility Studies
 Conceptual & Master Planning


 Solar/Wind/Hydro Power
 Hydrogen/LPG Generators
 Biomass Gasification
 Central cooling chillers
 Central Heat pumps
 Solar hot water systems
 Heat Exchangers
 Solar & LED lights
 Insulated roofing
 Insulation coatings
 Insulation window films
 Solar water pumps
 Salt Nickel battery systems
 Electric motorbikes and bicycles


 Sewage Treatment System
 Waste Water Recycling and Water Purification
 Solar Distiller
 Rainwater Harvesting
 Water saving shower heads & taps
 Water Storage
 Ionizer Healthy Pool
 Lime scale treatment
 Water free urinals


 Roofing materials
 Decking materials
 Flooring materials
 Wall/Ceiling/Cladding materials
 Door & Window Frames
 Waterproofing systems
 Commercial & Industrial Cleaners
 Commercial & Industrial Coatings & Sealers
 Commercial & Industrial Adhesives
 Organic Termite Control
Bamboo building structures
 Wall panels for acoustic & insulation
 Natural stones
 Refurbishing of wooden floors (sanding & finishing)
 Natural Oil & Wax Finishes
 Customized Pavers & Polished Concrete

Dear Little tree team

on Behalf of my Rotaract club, and as a club president, I want to say deeply appreciation for your help on our latest project. You provided us with all the facilities that we need so we were able to finished the project. We were having a good time and also learned about an eco environment world.

We looking forward to collaborate in another projects.

Kindest Regards,

Rtr. Pres Jill Gracia Lendang
Rotaract Club of Bali Kuta D3420.

ROTARACT CLUB 19.08.2013

Thank for pak Chris Gunawan who invited us for seminar about Green building & eco friendly. It was great time with you to know about rubbish & recycle products.


BIG Thanks to Pak Chris Gunawan & Pak Ayip dari Little Tree Community for helping us spread and gather more people than we’d expected. We are very happy with the first gathering. It all goes fun and exciting. Also we think we have chosen the right place, Kopi Kultur. With coziness, nice snacks and coffee, this is the perfect place for gamedev Bali gathering..


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