Products and technologies
for construction projects and
building maintenance.

Customized problem solving.
Your one-stop solution.

Most suitable

Construction and maintenance solutions
that take into account Indonesia’s climate,
labor and construction standards.

Continuous engagement
with our clients and partners.


Partners with a sustainability commitment,
a solution to a problem,
high quality standards
and excellent customer service.

Value for money

Fair business principles, high integrity,
flexibility and getting the job done
at a competitive cost.

Focus on Long Life and Low Maintenance.


Over 20 years of professional
work experience in
Indonesian hospitality, tourism,
development cooperation
and building sector.

Involved in numerous social and environmental projects.

One-stop solution

Your one-stop-shop for quality building solutions in Kuta, Bali.

High-quality branded products, technologies and services that you can buy directly from us on site or online (Tokopedia).

Click on a product of your choice for more details. You can put as many products as you like in the shopping cart in order to send us a non-binding and totally free inquiry about the products you are interested in.


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