Floors and Decks – Videos

Accoya – Modified Timber for exterior decks and structures

EGGER – Global Market leader in high quality Laminated flooring with Sustainability in Mind

BONA – Resilient & Wood Floor Installation, Renovation and Care

DASSO – Repossessed Bamboo decking, cladding and ceiling

DECKWISE – Hidden Deck Fasteners , Decking Installation Tools and Maintenance

Floors and Decks Videos focus on the interior and exterior aspects of a building, generally flooring, decking, skirting, subfloor preparation, levelling, adhesives and coatings.

Materials can include wood species such as Teak, Ironwood, Bamboo and Oak solid or engineered.

Some other material options are stone plastic composite, laminates, natural stone, rubber, vinyl, polyurethane, bamboo and many more.

We basically categorize our video sections by product brand and based on our main menu structure:

Energy Solutions
Water Solutions
Floors & Decks
Building Structures
Interior Decor

For some brands there might be cross overs in some categories.

We wanted to offer you an alternative navigation option that is more visual, therefore we added the Floors and Decks Videos menu.

As we are constantly updating our product portfolio by researching new solutions and innovations, you find new videos frequently.

We do this, so we can offer you the most suitable solution or a range of options that match you projects budget.

Hence please check in on us whenever you have a new project coming up or require some maintenance or renovation.

Regardless we might not be able to showcase or upload all of our solutions or partner products.

Hence if you have a specific request or requirement please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our network of global building and construction related manufacturers is extensive.

Overall ecoSmart is working with over 500 brands.

Some of the brands are not yet being offered in Indonesia, but we know that they can provide an excellent solution.

Our aim is to provide the best quality, long life and low maintenance solutions with sustainability in mind for the Indonesian construction and building maintenance market.

There will be more Building Structures not displayed here, but you can find on the Shop menu.

This is either because they ae locally sourced or supplied by a SME rather than a global brand.

But this also could simply be that we do not have a quality video yet, so we are not comfortable with uploading it here, so please also browse our shop for more  Flooring and Decking Solutions and Options.

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