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Lifestyle Products

At ecoSmart HUB we are dedicated to source the best quality solutions applicable to Indonesia’s climate conditions to assist our partners in the most suitable lifestyle product solutions.

Our current range includes gardening supplies such as organic compost, seaweed fertilizer booster, Neem oil based pest control, home supplies such as non-toxic termite and insect treatments, eco friendly cleaners, Lanolin based degreasers, lubricants and sealers, as well as personal care products such as pet shampoo, laundry soaps, a wide range of body care options as well as decorative home décor and practical eco friendly gifts and appliances.

We are constantly on the lookout for the latest technologies, once we identify a suitable technology we than test it to make sure it is applicable and benefits our customers and works within the business economics of Indonesia.

We are often seen as an innovator for introducing quality specialized building solutions with sustainability in mind.
Our aim is not to only focus on eco aspects, but to really look at the challenges and problems our clients are facing and to offer them a fit for purpose solution that works for them.

Rest assured we are always looking at all aspects of sustainability and avoid importing products if they are available locally with the same quality and specifications.

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