B Panel Single Panel

B-Panel building system comprised of reinforced concrete panels, insulated with b-foam Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) layer.

(SP-4, SP-6, SP-8, Special order )

  • Versatile – load bearing wall, partition wall, exterior wall, and canopy / architectural features.
  • Maximum span up to 6 metres without the use of minor columns.
  • Thickness of wall and EPS layer can be specified according to your needs.


b-panel® building system comprised of reinforced concrete panels, insulated with b-foam® Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) layer.



Panel sizes :

  • Modular cutting list (panels delivered cut to size and shape according to your drawings)
  • Can be ordered in typical modules
    1.2 x 3.0 m up to 6.0 m length

b-foam® Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) :

    • Fire-Retardant (FR)
  • Density : 15 kg/m3

Wiremesh :

  • Non-galvanized Ø 3 mm vertical, Galvanized Ø 2.5 mm horizontal, U-50
  • Connector: galvanized Ø 3 mm
  • Spacing: 7.5 x 8 cm

Plaster thickness and concrete strength :

  • Structural applications :
    K-225; 3 cm x 2
  • Non-structural / partition applications :
    K-150; 2cm x 2


Brochure b-panel.pdf


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