BONA Outdoor Deck Guard Coating

Wooden surface needs a proper coating to protect it against the ravages of sun, rain, and temperature fluctuations. Bona Deck Guard is a water-based coating which contains very low VOCs, and has a low odour.
Low VOCs means application is made easier as there are no solvent fumes and no concern about the health effects of toxic chemicals. Bona Deck Guard keeps your deck and another timber furniture in good condition.

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Deck Guard is a water based low VOC decking coating. It is an easy to apply, fast drying coating specifically designed for outdoor decks. An outdoor deck is constantly subjected to different elements of the weather including harsh sunshine, rain and even snow. Bona Deck Guard is a fast convenient solution which keeps your deck, associated timber and timber furniture in good condition and looking like new.


• Water Based Low VOC
• Easy application
• High performance in any climate
• Outstanding UV protection
• Excellent physical wear characteristics
• 1 – 2 coats, no need for dilution
• Low odour
• Fast drying

available in two color (Neutral and Brown).


TDS Bona Deck Guard

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