Bona Mega One

Bona Mega (Matt finishing) is a polyurethane vurnish based oil obtained from natural vegetable oil. in its manufacture using self-crosslinking technology which produces a layer of film that is very strong in protecting wood, it is recommended for indoor (domestic) wood floors or wood floors that are used in light commercial use.
Bona Mega itself has the effect of inhibiting side bonding (lumpy coating on the floor).
Bona Mega is resistant to scratches, resistant to chemicals, has very low emissions, is good for use in rooms with a health-safe odor due to compliance with VOC 2010 requirements.


Your one partner in wood floor treatment. Quick to dry, easy to abrade and excellent build characteristics.

Bona Mega ONE focuses on simplifying the craftsman’s working day for quicker and easier jobs with great reliability. It brings out a nice, warm wood colouration while establishing a long-lasting protection for wooden floors in domestic and medium wear commercial environments. Clear, non-yellowing formula.


• High build characteristics
• Quick dring
• Excellent sanding properties
• Non-yellowing



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