Bona Power Scrubber

The Bona Power Scrubber is a versatile and powerful scrubbing machine for cleaning of most indoor floor surfaces as well as outdoor wood deckings.


The Bona PowerScrubber is a compact, powerful scrubbing machine for cleaning varnished and oiled wooden floors.
When used with Bona Deep Clean Solution, it removes the toughest dirt and grime from wooden floors with ease. The two counter-rotating cylindric brushes cleans deeply, even on rough, brushed parquet and wooden floors with bevelled edges. The rubber squeegees ensure an extremely effective water pickup which makes it safe to use on wooden floors. Also suitable and recommended for cleaning greyed outdoor deckings.


Bona PowerScrubber 2.0 enables the most effective deep-down cleaning, combined with unrivalled versatility and ease. Counter-rotating roller brushes provide deep, effective cleaning while the powerful, yet compact design of Bona PowerScrubber 2.0 delivers even more performance than most auto scrubbers, as well as the benefits of ergonomic operation, set-up and transportation. Recommended detergents: Bona Deep Clean Solution and Bona Remove R.

• Effective deep clean
• Wide range of sureface
• Outstanding Preparation
• Ergonomic design and operation
• Easy to fill,assemble and transport
• Indoor and outdoor use


Technical Data Sheet Bona Power Scrubber


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