Bona Power Scrubber Brushes

Brushes for mounting on the Bona Power Scrubber. The Power Scrubber uses two counter rotating cylindrical brushes that clean deeply, even on rough, brushed parquet and wooden floors with beveled edges. It is powerful and easy to manoeuvre to ensure a complete clean across the whole surface. The rubber squeegees mounted underneath the scrubbing machine ensure effective water pickup, enabling a powerful yet convenient cleaning process. Delicate surfaces like wood are a speciallity of the Bona Power Scrubber. May it be varnished, oiled or even an outdoor wooden deck encrusted in build-up, the result is always stunning.

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White brushes – Soft Polyamide bristles intended for normal, gentle cleaning on most hard surface floors

Orange brushes – Medium Polypropylene bristles for more stubborn surfaces

Black brush – Cleaning of concrete, matt tiles, rustic wood surface

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