Bona Wave 1K

Waterborne 1-component lacquer for surface treatment of wooden floors in domestic
areas. Can be combined with a primer or be applied directly to wood.


Bona Wave 1K is a multi purpose varnish that can be used directly on untreated wood without using a base coat or using it.
make the appearance of wood floors look warm.
Recommended for use in the domestic area.
already got ECOLABEL from Europe which makes this item safe to use, harmless.


Untreated wood, opt. 1:                                          Untreated wood, opt. 2:*
1x Bona Primer                                                          1x Bona Wave 1K Light sanding grit 150
1x Bona Wave 1K  Light sanding grit 150                  2x Bona Wave 1K
1x Bona Wave 1K

*For floors where there is a risk of sidebonding, e.g. endgrain floors, softwood plank
floors and hardwood floors with underfloor heating, it is recommended to always use a
primer before applying Wave 1K, as well as taking measures to stabilize the climate.
Note: It is not recommended to apply more than two full coats per day due to risk of
excessive wood swelling.


Bona Wave

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