Bona White Wood Floor Primer

Bona White  is a water-based primer for untreated wooden floors and is designed to give an enhanced whitewashed appearance on lighter timber species. Applied in a single layer it typically gives a light whitewashed appearance and on some timber species can preserve an impression of raw, untreated wood.  For a more solid white it is possible to make two, or more, applications until the required intensity is achieved whilst retaining the character and grain of the timber.

For the best appearance with the truest colour Bona White should be specified with Traffic HD Extra Matt, Traffic Matt or Traffic Natural as the finishing coat.


Bona White primer should be used to create a ‘white washed’ look to a wood floor – ideal when creating a Scandinavian style interior! The level of whiteness will depend upon the number of coats applied. Bona White will also reduce yellowing. It’s designed for easy roller application and compatible with practically every wood species


• White washed look
• Impedes wood yellowing
• Easy roller application
• GreenGuard approved for low indoor emissions


Bona White Technical Data Sheet

Bona White Brochure

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