Bona R848T Wood Floor Adhesive

Elastic, 1 component silane parquet adhesive. R848T has a higher viscosity than R848. It feels thicker and has an improved initial grab, which reduces the risk of hollow spots. The adjusted formulation makes the adhesive well suitable for the installation of solid strip floors and engineered and mosaic parquet.

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2700 ml, 600 ml


Bona R848T is an according to ISO 17178, elastic 1-component silane based adhesive signalizes by its improved rib stability and the quick initial bonding strength and can be used for the installation of engineered parquet floors as well as for dimension stable solid elements like parquet strips or mosaic parquet. The risk of forming hollow spots will be minimized. Tensions to the sub floor are reduced. The use of a primer is in general not necessary. The adhesive hardens by a chemical reaction with moisture.


Benefit Bona R848T:

  1. Improved rib stability
  2. Rapid initial bonding strength
  3. Suitable for dimension stable solid parquet elements
  4. Water and solvent free, nearly no swelling of the wood
  5. Good adhesion to almost all substrates and timber materials
  6. Splashed material can be easy removed


TDS Bona Adhesive

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