CONTEC Fibrofor Diamond Concrete Reinforcement Fiber

CONTEC Fibrofor Diamond Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement offers an easy to use, time saving, quality improvement with direct cost savings on laid concrete replacing steel reinforcement.

Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement was developed over the last 40 years and initially fibers were used to reduce shrinkage cracking in concrete when later on it was discovered that they also can be used to replace steel reinforcement in concrete slabs and other applications.

There are a range of CONTEC Fibers for various applications, but for now we focus on the Fibrofor Diamond with a general loading of 2-3kg/m3 for concrete floor slabs, slabs on metal deck, roads, paving, on-site casted walls and pools.

We wrote an insight article on LinkedIN CONTEC Fibrofor Diamond Concrete Reinforcement Fiber


Diamond is a high performance synthetic fiber serving as a structural concrete reinforcement. The unique high number of fibers guarantees an optimized three-dimensional reinforcement. The enhanced technical parameters of the concrete can be used for structural design purpose.



  • Cost reduction by eliminating or reducing the steel reinforcement
  • Installation time of steel can be eliminated or reduced massively
  • No costs for pumps since the concrete lorry can unload the concrete
    where it is needed
  • Any kind of surface finishing possible (no sticking out fibers)
  • Easy handling thanks to the low weight
  • Clearly improved shrinkage behaviour
  • Reduces and controls shrinkage and temperature cracking


Technical Datasheet Fiber Diamond
General Brochure CONTEC – ECOSMART


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