Fiber Multi is one of Contec product Synthetic fibres used for replacing conventional steel reinforcement, both for economic and technical reasons.Our concepts help to significantly improve cost effectiveness and ecology.

Fiber Multi is a multifilament fiber for improving the characteristics of construction elements made of concrete, mortar and gypsum. The fiber will preventing shrinkage cracks on concrete.


The multifilament fiber Multi improves the properties of structural elements made of concrete, mortar and gypsum. It efficiently reduces shrinkage cracks in the early stage of the setting phase and in most cases replaces the structural steel inlay for this area. Fiber Multi meets all criteria and specifications required of pure, multifilament polyolefin fibers for plastic shrinkage reinforcement.


Fibrofor Multi is used wherever it is necessary to control plastic shrinkage and distribute the constraint stresses that occur. Fibrofor Multi is used in the production of floor slabs, prefabricated elements, screeds, stuccos and shotcrete.



  • The recommended addition rate for screeds is min. 0.6 kg/m3 to max. 0.9 kg/m3
  • For concrete structures, the standard addition rate is 0.9 kg/m3.
  • For shotcrete and other special applications, individual addition rates are suggested.
  • For increased fire resistance, an addition rate of 2 kg/m3 is generally recommended.


Technical Datasheet Fiber Multi

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