Drinking Water System

Drinking water system serve to eliminate Small Particles, Odors, Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Pesticides, Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts. Drinking water filters systems provide your family with fresh, contaminant-free drinking water right at your tap.


Drink Systems has 3 types of Point Of Use (POU)

  • POU Ultra Filtration (UF) Under Sink

UF operates off mains pressure. It cleans & reduces all the harmful contaminants in the water but does not remove the beneficial essential minerals.

  • POU Reverse Osmosis (RO) Under Sink

RO Uses a small pump to squeeze water though a membrane The pores are so small that it removes all contaminants,    calcium & minerals.

  • POU Ultra Violet (UV)

UV is a traditional method of Sterilization & Treating Water. Although it may be used to treat general household supply its ideal placement is POU within 2 meters of the tap. Provided that it is pre filtered (Prevents Bacterial Shielding) and Sized correctly, RO offers nearly full tap flow and is Ideally suited to Restaurants and Factories where the is a high Clean water requirement.


TDS Drinking Water System

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