Dust Free Sanding and Finishing Flooring

Refinished hardwood flooring consists of finished wood that has been sanded and coated. Sanding hardwood flooring removes any imperfections and leaves behind a smooth finish. It also removes Scratches, scuffs, and marks. After the sanding is done, the refinishing process coats the hardwood with a new finish coat or stain, leaving it looking shiny and brand new.


Floor sanding is an important step in refinishing your floors. By removing the old finish and sanding down the wood to create a smooth surface, you create a surface that is ready for your chosen finish. Floor sanding also opens up the wood grain, which allows the finish to penetrate more deeply, creating a longer-lasting finish.


Our Service using a special machine from Bona for sanding the wood floors and use our dust containment system. It removes 99.996% of dust in the air during the sanding process and makes life easier and safer for the contractor Рas well as for the occupants of the building.

Our Bona System is a proven, easy-to-use, durable suite of solutions to bring out the beauty on floors.


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