Heat Pump Water Heater

WIKA Pump Hot Water Heaters are international quality products with the best use and application of ISO 9001-2008 quality management systems. Now hot air can be produced efficiently with the Wika Heat Pump Water Heaters which are very energy efficient. When compared to electric and gas hot air heaters, WIKA Heat Pump Water Heaters are up to four times more efficient.


The advantages of Water Heat Pump
– Saves energy, it only need a quarter of its heating capacity.
– Safe and reliable, electricity and water are not connected And it consist of the best spare parts and reliable warranty.
– Ready in various types of Heat Pump for residential and commercial use.
– Sales, services and after sales services guarantee all over Indonesia.


Principle of Efficiency up to 50% -75% Heat Pump
The working principle of the Heat Pump, where the heat of the outside air is absorbed by the Refrigrant (Non CFC) which circulates towards the Heat Exchange (HE) to heat the water. The use of Heat Exharnge electric power is very efficient because the power is needed to heat water through HE. Unlike the Electric Heater or Gas Heater where the water heater takes direct energy so it wastes power.


Brochure Heat Pump Water Heater

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