Hilon Green Acoustic Insulation HGD Series

Hilon green ductwrap (HGD) is insulation that can protect the air ducts in the ducting installation enclosure which can eliminate the effect of condensation. Such as the installation of air conditioner (AC) pipelines in high-rise building projects.


Hilon Green Flexible Duct Wrap is an insulation made from polyester which functions to wrap the ducting Air conditioner (AC) insulation and Hot Water pipes, so that it can prevent condensation from occurring in the cold air flow that passes through the ducting duct against outside hot temperatures, and protects warm water pipes from temperature cold outside the pipe. Can be used in air conditioning ducts, hot water pipes in high-rise buildings, hotels, factories and so on. Apart from the HG D-Series, there is another thermal insulation product from Hilon, namely the HG T Series.

Hilon not only produces thermal insulation products to reduce and retain heat but also produces sound insulation products. A product that is used to insulate and reduce sound. Hilon products meet ISO qualifications and are therefore safe to use. Hilon also uses environmentally friendly insulation standards where all products produced must be environmentally friendly and safe to use.


Brochure Hilon Insulation

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