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Lerak soap is a soap with natural ingredients made from Lerak fruits.

Generally, liquid lerak is often used to wash batik. Apart from being thrifty, their reason for keeping the colors nice, bright and not faded, is the main thing. Basically, not only batik should be washed with liquid lerak, but also other fabrics that use natural dyes, such as woven fabrics, sesirangan and others.


Lerak soap is a soap with natural ingredients made from Lerak fruits.

Lerak also known as rerek or lamuran is a plant known for its seeds that are used as a traditional detergent. Batik is usually recommended to be washed with lerak because it is considered as the most appropriate washing materials to maintain its quality (batik color).


Lerak beans contain Saponin, a poisonous alkaloid, saponin is what produces foam and serves as washing materials, and can also be used for cleaning various kitchen appliances, flooring, even bathing and cleaning the animals domesticated. Lerak toxicity seed also acts as an insecticide.

Saboon Lerak natural laundry detergent is known and proven to keep the color of batik cloth and weaving and other traditional fabrics to remain durable because it does not contain caustic soda, making it safe to fabrics and colors remain brilliant.

How To Use:
Pour 2-3 bottle caps of liquid Saboon Lerak sufficiently into 4 liters of warm water and stir until dissolved thoroughly and wash the clothes with your hands. Rinse once.
Hang the clothes in the shade and not direct sunlight, in order to be air dried.

* Can also be used safely for your baby clothes
** Lerak laundry water can be used for watering plants


Saboon Lerak information Sheet
Saboon Lerak Information

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