Massage Oil 250 Ml


Creating with Balis most representative fragrances, the product line Massage Oil Island of the gods is offering you unforgettable and unparalleled sensations.


– Passion Fruit
for mental exhaustion, nervous tension and anxiety.
– Ginger Lemongrass
provides uplifting, calming and restorative qualities to this extraordinarily profound blend.
– Jasmine
properties are known as a powerful aphrodisiac to increase libido, sensual, sedative and mood uplifting.
– Lavender Vanilla
evokes calmness, relaxation and balance both physically and emotionally.
– Frangipani
rejuvenating attributes promotes confidence and a sense of self to help us face the challenges of a new day.
– Sandalwood
increases a sense of calmness, greater mental clarity and has memory boosting qualities.

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