Micro Fiber ES12

Micro Fiber ES12 are 12 mm-long mono-filament, polypropylene microfibres. When added to concrete, fiber ES12 improve the resistance of concrete to cracks caused by plastic shrinkage. The special “mono-filament” formation makes the dispersion and distribution within the concrete mix easier


Micro Fiber ES12 is particularly suitable for the following:
Production of concrete used for industrial floors, airport forecourts and multi-storey car-parks production of pre-fabricated reinforced concrete panels and pipes, concrete sections, etc.

Dosage: The normal dosage of Micro fiber ES12 is 600 g/m3


Micro fibre ES12 are compatible with other admixtures used in the production of high-quality concrete, and especially with:
· Acrylic-based super-plasticising agents from the Dynamon range, for an improved mix design, consistency and maintenance of workability;
· Cure range curing surface films, for correct curing of the concrete;
· Crete System, innovative technology used in the production of concrete with volumetric stability;
· Form Eco and DMA stripping compounds, used for stripping concrete from moulds.


Technical Datasheet Micro Fiber ES12

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