Nazava Bening Water Filter

Nazava Bening Filters are not much different from Nazava Riam. The only difference is in the shape of the design, the size of the container, and of course the price. The Nazava Bening Filter has several sizes that you can adjust according to your needs, such as small, medium, and XL sizes.


Nazava Bening filter can accommodate 2 x 13.5 liters of water with an estimated 50 liters per day. The container of this filter also uses Polyethylene plastic which is safe as a storage container. The service life of the ceramic filter mounted on this Clear Filter is 7,000 liters or the equivalent of 2-3 years of use. Even though it has a usage limit, this filter is arguably more efficient than you have to use a refill gallon or boil it first using LPG or petroleum. The sensor on the ceramic filter will show you an indicator whether the filter is still fit for use or needs to be replaced.

Note: All Clear products have air holes at the top. Please check first when filling the water so that it does not pass through the air holes.


This water filter is equipped with 1 ceramic filter which has very small pores, which are 0.4 microns in size. These small pores will be able to effectively filter out all the dirt and bacteria in the water, thus ensuring that the water you drink is 100% safe and proper. The ceramic filtration technology is also coated with a silver coating which kills germs. The silver layer as a bacteria killer has been recognized worldwide and is used as a coating on various medical equipment in hospitals. Meanwhile, to bind chemical compounds, this filter is also equipped with activated carbon which also functions as deodorizing, and the taste of the water feels fresher.

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