Neem Pest Control 1 L


Menjaga agar tanaman Anda tumbuh sehat tanpa hama dengan Neem Pest Control, spektrum luas aksi aktif pada lebih dari 200 spesies hama, anti-feeder pengatur pertumbuhan serangga (IGR) yang terjadi secara alami, pencegah dan penangkal ovipositor, tidak berbahaya bagi organisme yang tidak menjadi target dan menguntungkan tetapi secara efektif mengurangi aktivitas virus, cocok untuk pencampuran dengan aksi lain, mengurangi beban lingkungan dari pestisida sintetis


Neem is an outstanding example of a plant which is highly e cient in restoring soil productivity and simultaneously providing basic needs such as medicines, pesticides, mosquito repellents, fertilizers,agricultural implements, toothpaste, and tooth brush sticks among others dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, tinea, burns, rashes, ulcers, and cold sores.



Neemba Pest Control is obtained through  cold pressing the seeds of the fruit and using a triple- ltered purifying method. The method of oil extraction does not use heat, chemicals or petrochemicals, thus retaining all of the well balanced nutrients. The oil has slightly pungent aroma, is light golden colour and non-toxic to mammals. Insects Controlled by Neem Pest Control include moths, bumble bee larvae, grasshoppers and leaf worms among others, viruses and fungi.


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