Neem Pest Control

Keep your plants growing healthy without pests with Neem Pest Control, effective for protecting plants from more than 200 types of pests.


Neem Pest Control is obtained through cold pressing the seeds of the fruit and using a triple-ltered purifying method. The method of oil extraction does not use heat, chemicals or petrochemicals, thus retaining all of the well balanced nutrients.

The oil has slightly pungent aroma, is light golden color and non-toxic to mammals. Insects Controlled by Neem Pest Control include moths, bumble bee larvae, grasshoppers and leaf worms among others, viruses and fungi.


The Benefit

  • Broad Spectrum of action active on more than 200 species of pest
  • Naturally occurring insect growth regulator (IGR) antifeedant, oviposition, deterrent and repellent
  • Harmless to non target and beneficial organisms but effectively reducing viruses activity
  • Suited for mixing with other synthetic pesticide and in fact enhances their action
  • Reducing the environmental load of synthetic pesticides


1. Spraying dose of 5 – 7 ml / liter of water for various types of plants
2. The dosage of the formulation can be increased as needed depending on the level of pest attack
3. Spraying can be done at the beginning of the attack or in the absence of an attack for prevention
4. Should be applied in the afternoon
5. Can be mixed with liquid fertilizers or adhesives
6. Use safe protective equipment when spraying In accordance with its function,

hopefully NeemBa Oil can be useful for efforts to improve the agricultural environment due to the use of excessive chemicals.

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