Recycled Teak Lamella Wall & Ceiling Decor

Our Lamella in both 4 and 6mm thickness are the ideal choice of skin materials intended to be used as top layers in furniture paneling or engineered floorings, as well as accent wall or ceiling claddings. This material yields a gorgeous and long-lasting flooring product.


In order to transform antique, reclaimed planks into flooring or paneling for a commercial or residential installation, each timber undergoes a multi-step process involving selecting, preparing and manufacturing each plank.

Finishing options: Antique original Patina – Brushed or Sanded – Varnish – Oil – Natural Wax – Special finishing’s with reactives and colours are available.



  • Reclaimed Teak Solid – Wide Plank – Rugged Patina
  • Reclaimed Teak Solid Bright Patina
  • Reclaimed Teak Solid Classico Patina
  • Reclaimed Teak Solid Rugged Patina
  • Reclaimed Teak Solid Smooth Patina
  • Lamella Multistrip Classico Patina
  • Lamella Multistrip Painted Patina
  • Lamella Multistrip Rugged Patina
  • Lamella Multistrip Smooth



TDS Lamella Recycled Teak Flooring

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