Reusable Glass Straw

Our eco-friendly reusable straws can be part of your effort of being “green.” Since plastic straws are thrown away every day, using a reusable glass straw eliminates that waste and helps keep your environment clean.


Made of food grade high borosilicate glass, BPA free, lead free and no metal after taste, Eco-friendly, protect the earth and reduce plastic
Durable and reusable, perfect for drinking ice tea, coffee, smoothies, frozen drinks, thick shakes, hot/cold beverage
They’re also a lovely gift for birthdays, weddings, or housewarmings


Plastic straws contain the dangerous chemical BPA. It can potentially cause severe diseases including early puberty, hormonal dysfunction, corpulence and even tumors. These pure glass, non-toxic reusable straws are completely safe for you to use with any hot or cold drink! Also, dentists highly recommend using glass straws.

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