Teak Wood Flooring

Teak Wood Flooring is known the world over as a luxurious wood flooring for its durability and resistance and its texture and color.

There are various options from solid to engineered and Finger-Joined-Laminated, it is important to know the quality of the Teak wood itself, and to ensure its the right species, not a fast growing genetically modified one.

Teak in Indonesia is generally grown in large plantations in Java and should come with a SVLK certification for well managed plantations in compliance with Indonesian regulations.

There are many suppliers and resellers, so its important to understand the characteristics of Teak, age and color to assess it the wood is suitable for flooring use.

Also proper kiln drying is essential to ensure the wood has the right moisture content.

We assist our clients in only sourcing the very best quality products through our long relations over the last 15 years with timber plantations and wood processing factories in Indonesia.

We offer a range of options depending on your budget and project requirements.

Prices generally vary by width and length, and if the flooring is solid or engineered (different material on the bottom and a min 2mm layer of Teak on the top) or Finger-Joined-laminated (smaller strips glued and pressed together).

For the finishing we can supply the Teak Wood Flooring with factory pre-finished UV coating or natural to do the finishing on site via our recommended certified applicators.

For finishing options you can also visit our Finishing Materials

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UV, Natural


Classic Natural, Jet Black, Volcanic Ash, Sand Castle, Sand Stone, Smokey Ash, Burly Wood, Nutty Brown, Classic White, unfinished


We offer quality solid, engineered and finger-joined-laminated Teak Wood Flooring in Bali and throughout Indonesia. The finishing range we offer ranges from factory finished UV Coating to on-site finishing options using either Oil or Water-Based coatings and finishes. 

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