Firmfit Stone Composite Flooring

Firmfit stone composite flooring is indistinguishable from a real wood and its a 100% waterproof flooring. Unlike other waterproof floors, Firmfit stone composite flooring has a limestone based core giving it unmatched dent resistance and stability to heat and sunlight. Firmfit remains stable even at high temperatures, and planks are strong enough to push each other way. Suitable for every room – including bedroom, kitchens and even bathrooms.


Total Thickness:             5.0 mm

Wear Layer:                     0.55 mm

Backing:                         Sound Absorbent Pad

Coating:                         UV Coating + SE Anti bacterial



  • Extra stable to sun and heat
  • Extra Rigid and strong
  • Extra Impact and indentation resistant
  • Anti-bacterial surface
  • No complicates subfloor preparations
  • 100% Waterproof
  • UV protect
  • Pet Friendly – durable and stain resistant.
  • Requires no acclimation prior to installation
  • Versatile designs with embossed surface for real wood/stone look & feel.
  • DIY-friendly – the flooring comes with an easy-to-install click system

All FIRMFIT floors are subjected to rigorous tests designed for waterproof flooring and certified, including by Greenguard. These tests are built to ensure all FIRMFIT products meet the highest standards.


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