Coldglaze Wood Bamboo Stone Surface Sealer

Coldglaze is water based sealer for wood and stone surface protection. Environmentally friendly, Non toxic, low odor, Non combustible. Suitable for use on most vertical and horizontal interior and exterior exposed surfaces above and below waterline including roofs, walls, floors, paths, driveways, in ground concrete water tanks and swimming pools, pool liners, etc


The product is highly adhesive and fast drying to most surfaces. Always at least 2 coats are applied on the same day. Prolonged time between coats is NOT recommended. All surfaces should be clean, Dry, and free from Dust, Dirt and Fungi before applying Coldglaze. Apply by all traditional methods including Brush, roller, pad or Spraying.


Use On:

  • Portland Concrete or Cement mortar
  • Natural Stone walls and floors including limestone, sandstone, Honed Marble, Bali green and Andersite lava rock above and below water level (consult or technical dept for swimming pool use as ecoSmart CG is not a Hydrostatic proof Wall coating and may require a suitable primer before application)
  • Batako and Earth wall Blocks
  • Kalsi , Hardies or Etex Fibre cement boards or Corrugated Asbestos roof
  • GFRC cement and Gypsum Wall boards
  • Lime, Cement, or Gypsum Based solid plasters and renders
  • Clay, Brick, Wall and Bricks and Roof tiles as a Clear ( or colored stain base )
  • Cured, partially weathered, unpainted Hardwood Decks/Walls or Bamboo, Rattan in sound, firm condition and free from Mould/fungi .
    Polystyrene and other PU , PIR and MDI cured Foams
  • Clear or Color finish to MDF, Fiber Board and /or lightly sanded Plastic/Wood Composites ( Test first) exposed to external weathering and UV degradation
  • Used 100% Neat as supplied for Coating Canvas, some synthetics and
    Geotextiles used for roofing and pond lining (Contact our Technical Dept for advice)


How to Apply Coldglaze 1.2

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