Coldglaze 1.2 Wood Bamboo Stone Surface Sealer

Coldglaze is water based sealer for wood and stone surface protection. Environmentally friendly, Non toxic, low odor, Non combustible. Suitable for use on most vertical and horizontal interior and exterior exposed surfaces above and below waterline including roofs, walls, floors, paths, driveways, in ground concrete water tanks and swimming pools, pool liners, etc


The product is highly adhesive and fast drying to most surfaces. Apply the Coldglaze in a ‘wet on wet’ way (one times for the first layer, then continue with second layer, don’t wait the first layer to dry). Leave it for 1×24 hours for maximum results.  All surfaces should be clean, Dry, and free from Dust, Dirt and Fungi before applying Coldglaze. Apply by all traditional methods including Brush, roller or pad. Coverage 4-6 sqm / liter


Coldglaze 1.2 Application

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