Wood Plastic Composite Decking and Cladding (WPC)

Wood Plastic Composite is a durable and sustainable alternative to wood especially for outdoor decking and cladding applications.

It consists of over 60% recycled materials, mainly wood saw dust mixed with polymers, the processing of co-extrusion makes the material resistant to termites and water.

For decking we highly recommend a solid wood plastic composite, while hollow options are available for frames and other building components as well as wall cladding.


WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking consists of two types, namely solid and hole, sold in one package with joists and accessories.
WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking consists of high quality teak wood powder and thermoplastic polymer composites. WPC decking contains up to 60% teak wood powder, equipped with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), coupling agent, UV stabilizers and dyes. Usually, composite wood deck boards are used for outdoors. Referring to Nova Institute data, installation of WPC Decking Products comprises 6% of total market capacity. In the next few years, WPC decking material will become more popular and is expected to take over the market as an ecological alternative to tropical wood. WPC Decking Products No need to be painted, stain resistant and air resistant, it is also ideal for use anywhere, because it is environmentally friendly and durable and easy to clean and care


Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Products With The Latest Innovations With JAPAN TECNOLOGY Technology That Can Be Used For Outdoor Spaces Such As: Porch Yard, Swimming Pool, Pier, Beach Side, Fence, Gazebo, Partition, Floor, Etc.
WPC Products Are Used As Substitutes For Wood, So That Their Use Is More Durable For More Than 25 Years Because Of Anti-Termite, Anti-Fungus, Anti-Ultra Violet, Resistant To Weather, Anti-Oxidant, Waterproof, Heat-Resistant, Cost-Effective And Saving Care.

The advantages of Wood Plastic Composite:

× WPC Products Like Real Wood
Wood Plastic Composite is an alternative material to replace wood that is innovative, and environmentally friendly. Made from 60% teak wood powder, 30% HDPE plastic, and 10% environmentally friendly chemicals in a shape similar to Original Wood.

× WPC Anti-Termite Product
Not infrequently the beauty of your home that uses the application of wood, damaged by Termites. Therefore, Wood Plastic Composite is here to be an alternative material for wood replacement, which has the beauty of wood without having to fear being damaged by termites.

× WPC Products Resistant to Fire
The beauty of WPC products such as real wood is equipped with fire resistance, making it suitable for application in your home.

× WPC Products Are Weather Resistant
This WPC product has excellent thermal resistance. It is suitable to beautify the exterior of your home as well as retaining heat from the sun. And no need to fear weathered by humidity.

× WPC Anti-Mildew, Waterproof Products
with WPC products presenting products, Anti Termites, and Anti Water by presenting JAPAN TECNOLOGY, so that it will not cause termite growth, and this product is very good applied outside or indoor.

× WPC Products Save Cost and Time
With the advantages of being easy to install, resistant to termites, fireproof, anti-mildew, anti-UV and can be cut you will save more costs and time for your residential applications.

× Easy Maintenance WPC Product
The colors on the WPC are part of the formulation on the board so you don’t need to paint and oil the boards any more, and for maintenance this WPC product is very easy


Catalogue Wood Composite Decking & Cladding

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