Sustainability Consulting

We got involved in sustainable development first during the time when our adviser was still working in Germany for a environmental technology fund and having his first experience by taking a 6 month unpaid leave to introduce a waste to energy technology to the major of Denpasar back in 1998.

Ahead of the time he soon learned that there are more factors to be considered and after a few experiences back and forward and working as a volunteer for 2 years with Art for Tourism Foundation on sustainable and responsible tourism initiatives.

It was after the first Bali terror attack that he got involved with other expats and Balinese leaders to initiate the Kuta Small Business Association and a recovery program through the Kuta Karnival the first truly international community event in Bali .

After this experience he developed a project concept for capacity building of local SMEs in the sector of handicraft, which lead to the setup of CV Bali Komunika Internasional (branding under Bali International Consulting Group) our initial legal entity.

Through this we were able to get EU funding for the project and facilitated a range of other projects and programs and both our company founders area also founders of the Business and Export Development Organization.

Under BICG we worked on a wide range of sectors developing project concepts for sustainable aquaculture, renewable energy, sustainable tourism and SME developments, while also servicing international clients with Market Research and Market Entry services.

Some of our clients:

IFC, Swisscontact, GIZ, TOMRA, D1, Equitech, Semen Gresik, DANIDA

Sustainability Assessments

We are offering environmental assessments for hospitality businesses (hotels, restaurants, tour operators, parks, etc) following GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) Standards.

The assessments includes an initial meeting with management, a 1-2 day on-site visit and inspection of all facilities, staff interviews and is than followed by a report with findings and recommendations and closed off with a meeting with management to present the report.

Benefits of the assessment:
– Potential operational cost savings
– Compliance with international sustainable hotel/tourism certification schemes
– Marketing opportunities
– Improved sustainability knowledge of management and employees
– How to establish a “Green Team”

Energy Audit
We work with certified LEED Partners who are able to provide Energy Audits based on international standards.

Our company CV Bali Komunika Internasional was awarded a tender by DANIDA in 2012 to provide pilot Energy Audits and develop a national manual/curriculum.

Within the tender we provided Energy Audits for Semen Padang, Surya Usada Hospital, Malioboro Mall Jogjakarta and St. Regis Bali.

Our partners are the national leader in Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency and in collaboration with our Bali office can assist your company to reduce your energy bill up to 40%.

Waste Management Sercives

We offer consulting as well as actual on site coaching and implementation for waste management for our clients.

The approach is customized based on our clients needs and requirements.

We work with the leading experts on waste management, both academic as well as practitioners to ensure the most suitable solution for each case.

One of our partners was awarded the prestigious Goldman Award and we also were awarded a tender by the largest manufacturer globally of automation equipment to conduct a Waste Management Market Research for Indonesia, which ensures an in depth knowledge of the situation and players in this sector.

Responsibie Sourcing

We are offering a sourcing service for international trading companies or buyers who require a verified fair trade/sustainability/supply chain certificate to ensure ethical business principles are met.

With over 20 years experience in the field of sustainable development and sustainable supply chain we have adequate resources and networks to ensure highest criteria are fulfilled and verified for all suppliers recommended by us.

Carbon Offset Programs
We assist our clients in creating carbon offset programs or facilitate carbon offset via verified partners within Indonesia.

We have worked with the XL Foundation, Standard Chartered, Plant a Tree Today Foundation and others on programs in Bali and Jakarta and have new project partners in Kalimantan for extensive re-forestation programs that can be accredited for carbon offsets.

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