Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Greensense concrete (we are re-branding to ecoSmart Concrete) is a highly efficient, energy saving and cost effective way of producing structurally sound reinforced concrete for a range of applications.

The difference compared to standard concrete is that this system massively reduces or completely removes the requirement for steel reinforcement within concrete. Instead a one of a kind, world patented system of synthetic reinforcement (CONTEC) fibers are used.

This structural method has been in use for over 30 years all over the world for a number of high profile projects. In Indonesia it has been successfully used in a range of developments.

CONTEC® High-Performance fibers which replace steel reinforcement. A unique blend of synthetic fibers, CONTEC®:

Reduces and controls shrinkage and temperature cracking, and Reduces slab curling and increases post-crack performance CONTEC® fibers are typically used dosages of 2 – 4 kg per cubic meter depending on type of application to affect a higher replacement level of reinforcing steel than standard synthetic fibers. CONTEC®, fibers are as “Strong As Steel” and also extremely user-friendly, having gained a reputation as the best mixing and finishing fiber of its kind in the industry.

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