Woodworking & Surface Treatment Solutions


We offer a range of services for your flooring needs.

– Flooring installation

Depending on the project requirements we can come in from self leveling of the concrete floor or just adding a moisture barrier to floating installation (laminate HDF) or gluing down to concrete/tiles (luxury vinyl tiles, carpet, engineered and solid wood) or using a sub floor either calciboard or plywood (if floor level is an issue or the concrete is not properly cured or save) or nailed on wooden joists/battens (wider wood boards above 15 cm width).

We only use quality materials and tools, so even if the installation system is similar to other contractors our experience, quality materials and tools and international BONA certification of our local team make all the difference.

As an example we use BONA Silane based adhesives, Primatech Power Nailer and Cleats, stainless screws and high grade sub floor materials such as reclaimed Ironwood joists/battens.

– Flooring Sanding & Finishing

For wooden engineered and solid floors we offer a wide range of sanding and finishing options.

This can be applied for both new installations or existing floors that require maintenance, renovation or a simply a new look.

We offer were applicable the following options:

1) BONA Bronze Treatment

Deep Cleaning with our Power Scrubber and applying new finishing either oil or water-based

This works for floors that have no previous coating/finishing or it has worn out to an extend that we are comfortable to remove it with the Power Scrubber and Deep Clean solution

2) BONA Silver Treatment

Light abrasion using our Diamond Discs and than applying BONA Traffic HD 1-2 coats.

This works for floors that have light surface scratches, surface damages that not yet have penetrated the wood itself, but only in or on the old coating/finishing.

3) BONA Gold Treatment

Full sanding to bare wood, if necessary add BONA Mix & Fill, and finishing with either Oil or water-based finishes.

This works for floors with deep scratches, cupping, dents, or when you require a new coloration or completely new appearance of the wooden floor.

– Flooring Maintenance

In general we provide a free BONA Spray Mop to our clients after servicing their floors with any BONA Oil or water-based finish for the daily maintenance.

We can offer a periodical service for Deep Cleaning and adding a Polish in Matt or Gloss to enhance protection and performance depending on the traffic of the floor quarterly/bi-annual/annual.

We offer a range of services for your decking needs

– Decking Installation

Depending on the project requirements we can come in from self leveling of the concrete floor or just adding a moisture barrier or just at the point of installing the sub floor using reclaimed Ironwood timber joists/battens fastened with galvanized screws and fisher.

For installation of the decking planks we highly recommend using our unique and exclusive IPE CLIP Hidden Deck fasteners, alternatively we can also install modular (from the bottom using stainless screws) or the top screw down (stainless steel screws) and adding wooden plugs.

– Decking Sanding & Finishing

For WPC Decking we only offer Deep Cleaning and applying BONA Deck Guard water-based coating (no sanding).

For engineered rubberwood (Heveatech) Decking we offer light sanding with Diamond Discs and finishing with BONA Decking Oil or BONA Deck Guard water-based coating.

For solid wood decking we offer either Deep Cleaning or full sanding with finishing of either BONA Decking OIl or BONA Deck Guard, if client requires us to use other finishes we will comply but do not recommend or warranty the results.

– Decking Maintenance

Generally decking maintenance should be performed with a dry not too rough broom or hosed down with water and soft nylon brush as required.

After the initial finishing service periodical maintenance might be necessary depending on the type of finish applied and climate and weather conditions on site.

Generally for oiled decks it is recommended to Deep Clean and re-apply at least one coat of oil every 3 to 4 months, or at least every 6 months.

For water-based coated decks it is recommended to Deep Clean and re-apply at least one coat every 8-12 months.

To see if the deck is still protected against water/weather just drop some water and if it pebbles up on the surface the coating is still good, if it absorbs in the wood re-coating is required.

Using BONA Decking Oil and BONA Deck Guard it is possible to re-coat without sanding, but it is recommended to use our Deep Cleaning service with Power Scrubber.

Both BONA Decking Oil and BONA Deck Guard do not brittle/crack but simply fade, so its much easier to do spot repairs and no need to sand back the complete surface area, therefore much cheaper to maintain than using cheaper fiinishes.

Doors and Door & Window Frames

We offer a range of services for your doors and door & window frame needs.

Wooden Structures

We offer a range of services for your wooden structure needs

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