Bona Outdoor Decking Oil

Our outdoor decking receives challenging days of rain and scorching sun. This formula, containing very low amount of solvents, greatly enhances protection properties. Your deck will experience less cracking, increased protection against UV bleaching and prevention from water penetrating the decking. Suitable for decking and other exterior woodwork.

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Bona Decking Oil 2.5 Litre. Key benefits include:

  • Lasting protection
  • Protects wood from UV bleaching
  • Reduces cracks – prevents water from penetrating the decking
  • Easy to pour and apply
  • Low VOC – Vegetable oils – Cobalt-free
  • Easy Application – Quick drying
  • Excellent water repellence
  • Colours in Neutral, Mahogany & Teak


Bona Decking Oil 2.5 Litre. Technical data include:

The Bona Decking Oil contains modified vegetable oils that penetrate and protect the wood. It will keep your deck protected against cracks, the bleaching UV radiation from the sun, and the damaging effects of water. The oil fills the pores of the wood so that moisture can not penetrate it. Algae and black mold need water to grow but the oil will help prevent that from happening.

  • Drying time: Between applications: 30–60 min, Light use: 24 hours
  • Application tools: Wide brush, Mohair roller
  • Coverage: Approx. 20 m²/litre (varies on the porosity of the wood)



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