EP Ultra Waterproofing

EP Ultra Waterproofing is specifically designed for use on porous concrete, brick, plastering, sandstone and limestone. Suited for more porous materials, it waterproofs and seals the structure. Only one application on concrete is required, more porous materials will need two applications. E P Ultra requires no mixing. EP Ultra is ready to use by spray, brush or roll on for pots, ornaments, brick, blocks, concrete, walls and floors, quick dry and effective in days.


EP Ultra It’s easy to use and has no solvents inside, so no bad smells and everything can be washed clean with water. Moreover, they are recognised as 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable & biodegradable. EP Waterproofing have zero negative effects to waterways or oceans, have no impact on plant life and will not leave harmful by-products that linger for many years. 


  • One application only – saving time and money
  • Cures, waterproofs and hardens concrete
  • CANNOT be worn away, peeled off, washed away, torn or broken
  • Does not aerate
  • Can be applied to old or new concrete/masonry
  • Easy to Use – No special equipment needed
  • No mixing required


How to Apply EP Ultra

TDS EP Ultra


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