Synthetic Fiber can be used instead steel-reinforcement. Solutions with synthetic fiber reinforced concrete – cost- effective, ecological, innovative and technically sophisticated. The recommended approximate addition rate for Diamond is 2 – 3 kg/m3 of concrete as a structural reinforcement.


Diamond is a high performance synthetic fiber serving as a structural concrete reinforcement. The unique high number of fibers guarantees an optimized three-dimensional reinforcement. The enhanced technical parameters of the concrete can be used for structural design purpose.



  • Cost reduction by eliminating or reducing the steel reinforcement
  • Installation time of steel can be eliminated or reduced massively
  • No costs for pumps since the concrete lorry can unload the concrete
    where it is needed
  • Any kind of surface finishing possible (no sticking out fibers)
  • Easy handling thanks to the low weight
  • Clearly improved shrinkage behaviour
  • Reduces and controls shrinkage and temperature cracking


Technical Data Sheet Fiber Diamond

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