Stone Veneer Wall Decoration

Flexible stone veneers can be used for architectural uses include interior walls, building facades, flooring, etc.


Stone veneer has the flexibility to be used in a number of unique and distinct applications. Architectural uses include building facades, interior walls, flooring, columns, wet areas, kitchens, cabinetry and much more. Due to the products ease of installation and the ability to apply it in areas where stone would only have been considered at a premium, now a designer’s imagination is the only limit.


  • Lightweight and Green: Reduced shipping costs and environmentally sound

  • Flexible and Waterproof: Can be used on curved surfaces and ideal for wet areas

  • Quick and Easy to install: Saves time, easy to carry and virtually unbreakable

  • Wide Range Of Colours: Choice of colour and sizes, all with real texture


Stone Veneer Catalogue
Stone Veneer Color Range
Stone Veneer MSDS

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