Linseed Oil 5Lt


Minyak alami yang digunakan dalam finishing, yang diekstraksi dari flaxseed atau biji flax (sejenis wijen). Ketika digunakan, linseed oil akan mengalami polimerisasi dalam bentuk solid, mudah mengering, dan mengurangi goresan dibandingkan cat pernis (varnish). Lapisan akhir (coating) linseed oil menghasilkan kilap dan menonjolkan keaslian tekstur kayu. Biasanya linseed oil digunakan pada perahu dan juga seringkali untuk melapisi papan surf agar tahan air.


Double boiled Linseed oil wood
A natural finishes oil, which is entirely natural and renewable composed of the extracted from Flaxseeds. This Linseed oil has been double boiled which gives special advantages over linseed oil without any treatment. In application, double boiled linseed oil is able to polymerize into solid form, dry quickly,and shows scratches less than varnish. A linseed oil finish is glossy and shows off the natural luster of the wood. It leaves a gentle smell compared with raw linseed oil. Linseed oil is used in the production of linoleum flooring and paints. Traditionally linseed oil is used to water proof boats and is also used extensively for waterproofing wooden surfboards.

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