Macro Fiber PT54 made of 100% virgin copolymer polypropylene, consists of twisted bundles of monofilament fibers, are used for structural concrete reinforcement. Its high performance structure yields maximum durability without corrosion, magnetic and alkali risk. Great number of fibers resulted by its low density allows to achieve three-dimensional reinforcement in concrete matrix.While preventing shrinkage cracks and providing temperature reinforcement, Macro fibers PT54 provide ductility, high energy absorption and flexural toughness to concrete and eliminate the need for steel mesh and steel fibers


PT54 Macro synthetic fibers can be used as reinforcement instead of steel mesh and steel fiber within concrete. Our engineering department provides technical assistance on demand for necessary project calculations such as energy (joule) absorption and flexural capacity calculations.

Field Applications
• Industrial Floors
• Slabs on grade
• Underground Stations & Walkways
• Concrete Pavements
• Logistics Facility Floors
• Slabtrack and Sleepers
• Extruded Curbs and Gutters

Coastal Structures & Ports
• Ports and Piers
• Shipyards
• Marinas

Water Structures
• Hydroelectric Power Plants
• Irrigation Projects
• Channels
• Drinking Water Projects

Residential Applications
• Parking Lot Floors
• Residential Driveways
• Screed Concrete

Precast Elements
• Concrete Pipes and Blocks
• Segments
• Walls

• Shotcrete Applications
• Underground Spaces
• Walkway Concrete

• Tunnel Floors
• Tunnel Segment Linings
• Ground Stabilization



  • Saves time from handling the steel mesh on the site – off-load from truck, store and move to point of use
  • Significantly reduces application times and direct labor expenses
  • Saves material costs by eliminating the mesh overlap and concrete cover
  • Prevention of corrosion increases service life and reduces maintenance costs
  • Eliminates labor related risks and removes potential hazards from the work site related to steel mesh and steel fiber
  • Does not damage construction equipment as steel fiber
  • Reduces costs of storage and due to not having a shelf life can be stored for long-term
  • Overall cost is lower that steel mesh and steel fibers

Usage Instructions and Mixing:

Depending on the project requirements, Macro Fiber PT54 recommended dosages vary between 2-3 kg/m3
Homogeneous mixture is obtained by addition of PT54 to the aggregate band at the concrete batching plant or by mixing in a high speed concrete mixer for at least 5 minutes in the field. It is recommended to use plasticizer additives at high fiber dosages.


Technical Datasheet Macro Fiber PT54


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