Nazava Catridge Water Filter

The Nazava ceramic water filter is a filter device that can be used in all types of drinking water filters that Nazava has. If you already have a Nazava Riam or Nazava Trendy at home, then you will know when to replace this filter. The ceramic filter sensor found in Nazava products will give you a signal so you don’t have to bother manually counting every liter of water you filter.


The Nazava Ceramic Water Filter has a time limit of use, about 2-3 years must be replaced, this filter is still relatively economical compared to boiling water that needs oil or LPG gas, or buying gallons every week, or also using refill water services, especially buying bottled water.

The ceramic filtration technology used by Nazava is a scientifically proven technology since 1827. The technology was further improved by Nazava using Dutch technology to get safer drinking water so that it can filter fresh water (including PDAM water, well water, and rainwater) into water. drinkable without the need to use electricity and without the need to be boiled first.


This Nazava Ceramic Water Filter has very small pores, namely 0.4 microns, so it is able to effectively filter out all the dirt and bacteria in the water. The nano silver coating which is also used in this filter can kill the netted germs. Meanwhile, activated carbon is used to bind water-soluble chemical compounds, in addition to eliminating unpleasant odors, and improving the quality of the water’s taste so that it feels fresher.

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