Aircon Water Heater

Aircon Water Heater is a water heater which utilizes a very high refrigerant temperature at the exit of the compressor. In the normal AC, the temperature will be lowered again (dumped) on condensing by blowing with a fan. Before entering the condensing, hot refrigerant flow is deflected into a tank containing cold water. In the tank there is a spiral the tube called a Heat Echanger. So there is contact between the hot and cold water freon on Heat Exchanger. Intially cold water will slowly heat up according to the temperature of freon. Instead freon which was originally very hot temperature will decrease slightly as a result of his contact with the cold water.


Wika Aircon Water Heater working by utilizing the free heat from the refrigerant gas that comes out of the AC compressor, the heat of this refrigerant gas is flowed to the heat exchanger to heat the water in the water tank


WIka Aircon Water Heater is a heating product that is innovative, economical, practical, environmentally friendly and 100% energy free. Suitable for residential and commercial


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