Yumen Board Insulation & Accoustic

Yumen Board is combination from the best quality of shavings wood, which have the elastic characteristic and flexibility. It has bunch element, are cement, and the shape is board, with flat area. The shavings wood have been mineralizer with cement be protected from any decayed causes weather, hard to set onfire, anti-moss and anti-fungus, and also plant disease example termite or louse. All material be processed with the highly pressure, produced with hi-tech machine and automaticly process.


Yumen Board is made from wood shavings and high quality Portland cement as a binder. It is available in sheet form with various thicknesses. It can be is used as a wall internal or external and also as a room partition.


Yumen Board advantages:
– Moisture Resistance
– Durable
– Not flammable and does fire resistance
– Good thermal insulation
– Compatible with all normal construction materials
– High compression resistance and bending strength
– Stable / does not expand and shrink
– The surface offers a good mechanical lock for rendering and plastering
– Sound absorbing and sound insulation of the room
– Easy and safe in the application process and use
– Low environmental impact


Brochure Yumen Board
Yumen Board Fire Resistance Test

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