Freemite-Termite Control

Premium quality, Non-Toxic Neem Oil-based Anti-Termite.
• Highly concentrated x 200, stable emulsion.
• Proven efficient according to International Standards.

  • Protects houses, foundations, constructions, wood, bamboo, rattan, organic materials.
  • Against termites, subterranean termites, powder post beetles, wood worm. Works on ants and other insects.
  • For domestic and professional use.

Additional information


5 Litre, 500ml, 60 ml


Efficiency proven by Official Lab Tests:

– Termite killer: destroys or damages the digestive system of all types of termites, powder post beetles, woodworms, and other insects.
– Protection from termites: natural antibiotics and protective drugs that protect the surface and interior of wood and bamboo with long-term efficiency
– Termite control: stop and prevent the growth of termites in the Larvae phase and prevent insect fertilization
– Termite repellent: the bitter alkaline taste makes the wood powder taste bad
– Termite blocker: deters insect breeding and cuts the path to bug queens
– Termite fumigation: Camphor as one of the organic principles of Freemite acts as a long-term termite exterminator
– Organic pesticides: waste / residue can be used for the garden as a natural antibiotic.

Freemite200 can also be used as a termite barrier between your home and garden


Freemite is:

Professional Pest Control
An Organic Pesticide
An Insecticide Treatment

which protects Home, Garden, Wood, Bamboo, Rattan with long term efficiency.

Ingredients: Candles, Borax, Camphor crystals, Chili, 12 insecticide plant extracts, a nano-extender and some secrets.

Dilution: Shake well and simply add 12 liters of water (which does not contain chlorine) with 60 ml of Freemite200 (fill in this bottle) to produce a ready-to-use termite repellent. Naturally, if the liquid becomes a little cloudy.

Washing and diluting: Water. Accept all types of finishing.
For domestic and professional use.

Safety: Non-toxic but contains Chili. Keep out of reach of eyes and children. In case of contact with eyes, skin or clothing, rinse with water.



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