Healthy Pool Ionizer

Healthy Pool is a solution that will reduce 95% of chemical usage for your pool treatment using Pool Ionizer. Healthy Pool Ionizer is a system that can greatly reduce not only the amount of chlorine, but also other chemical used to treat pool, like HCL and soda etc.



  1. Environmental friendly
  2. Reducing overall chemical usage (95% less chemicals use, including Chlorine)
  3. Killing germs, viruses, and algae
  4. Safe for people, pets, and plants (can be used for fish pond too!)
  5. Low power (12 Vamp DC)
  6. Reducing pump-hour
  7. Reducing the frequency to back wash
  8. NO SALT
  9. Low maintenance
  10. Always clear and clean water (even when rains)


Pool Ionizer TDS

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