Backwash Media Water Filter

a backwashing system will collect any particles that flow through your water. The backwashing filter’s main components are a tank and the filtering media. As water flows through the tank, the backwash system will reverse the flow and drain it out of the filter media. Next, it will use compressed air to suspend any particles in the filter media. This suspension prevents the particles from leaving once the water begins flowing again. In essence, backwashing helps reverse the flow of water while increasing its velocity. This pushes the particles away from your clean water.



  • Back-flushing Multi-Media tank systems that provide a wide range of filtration, without the need
    to change any filter cartridges.
  • 2 Year guaranteed Reinforced GRP imported Tanks
  • Automatic Back-Wash models using Imported SMART Digital control.
    OR Manual Control Heads for the budget minded or commercialsystems.
  • Minimal flow restrictions. (We prefer to filter before the tank where possible)
  • High Grade Imported Media (Non Local)
  • Choice of Filter Size to suit your requirements, Domestic or Commercial.


Brochure Backwash Water Filter

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