Hilon Green Acoustic Insulation HGA Series

Hilon Green Acoustic Series is a polyester-based insulation that works to reduce and absorb sound. This insulation was applied to the partition walls of the genzet room, chillers, music studios, karaoke rooms and other spaces that demand soundproof spaces. This sound proofing product is manufactured by ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified factories, so the quality is proven to be good. Hilon Green Acoustic Series products can be applied anywhere, especially in various places that require soundproof. The material used to make this product comes from Polyester, where Polyester is a material that is flexible, environmentally friendly, and odorless.

Hilon Green Acoustic Series as one of the mainstay Sound insulation products owned by Hilon is made based on Environmentally friendly insulation. A rule that requires that a product must be environmentally friendly and can be recycled so as not to pollute the environment. Therefore all products from Hilon are environmentally friendly and safe to use


Type and Specification of Product
HG A – Series Regular

Thickness 50mm
Density 25kg/m³
R Value R 4,459
K Value 0.108
NRC 0,45

Standart Size 60cmx120cm (5pcs / pack)


Hilon Strengths:

  • easy to instal
  • energy effecient
  • 200% more effective
  • no mask needed
  • non allergenic
  • recycled & recyclable


Brochure Hilon Insulation

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